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Some photos from my stay in Rhydspence.

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Knowing that their past actions may try to overwhelm them, the devotees must be prepared to combat them. God will give them the strength: His Name will be an impenetrable armor.
Swami Brahmananda

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Hay Castle is currently in need of a little TLC…

Hay Castle is very much under threat. The castle and manor are in desperate need of conservation to prevent further deterioration. The Norman keep is unstable and unsafe for entry. The famed archway is impassible. The east wing of the Jacobean manor remains roofless and derelict, [...]

6 Comments CherryPie on Jun 18th 2015

Hay was a quiet run down market town in 1962, when Richard Booth opened his first bookshop. Ten years and 40 bookshops later, the town became a Mecca for book lovers the whole world over. On 1st April 1977 (All Fools’ Day) Richard declared Hay an Independent Kingdom and the town has been in the [...]

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