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There are two chapels within the great tower of Dover. This is a view of the upper chapel which is dedicated to Thomas Becket, you can see the light playing through the window into the the room next to it in this previous post.  A picture of the lower chapel can be found here.

The [...]

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One of the oldest buildings that stands at Dover Castle is the Roman pharos or lighthouse. It stands at the highest point within the castle and was probably built in the second century AD when the Romans were developing the port at Dover.
It was constructed as an octagonal tower using local flint and Roman [...]

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…of Dover Castle.
The great tower was the last and most elaborate in the tradition of huge rectangular royal great towers, begun in England in the previous century with The Tower of London and Colchester:
The great tower of Dover Castle is the last and grandest of the keeps built by the kings of England in the [...]

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At last we reach Dover Castle, the journey was slightly delayed due to my blog difficulties.  I hope it was worth the wait.
Although I am a member of English Heritage I still had to pick tickets up on the way in and I was given an introductory leaflet.  When I looked at it I noticed [...]

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First glimpse of Dover Castle…

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When we visited Dover Castle a strange plan for meeting up with other members of the family was set up.  We were to meet up at a certain shopping center that was by the sea front.   We arrived a bit early so I took the opportunity to take a stroll along the seafront and take [...]

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