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The square is surrounded by Brussels’ Town Hall, nearly forty guildhalls and other beautiful buildings from the 14th to 17th century. The 110 by 68 metre Grand Place is also home of the Flower Carpet, a bi-annual event featuring the creation of a colorful carpet design using more 700,000 cut begonias.
La Grand Place has been used [...]

14 Comments CherryPie on Aug 26th 2015

Brussels Town Hall is one of the Belgium’s finest civic buildings. Not only because of the numerous sculptures adorning its walls, but also because of its perfect proportions and the incomparable beauty of its tower, the spire of which is topped by the archangel Saint Michael, Brussels laid the foundation stone of the magnificent Gothic [...]

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We were even later for breakfast this morning but when we arrived we were greeted with ‘Good Morning, would you like a glass of Champagne, it is a Belgium custom’. It would have been rude to refuse such an offer, and as luck would have it, strawberries were also available on the breakfast bar. Their [...]

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A rooftop in Brussels or to be more precise part of the statue that adorns the top of the triumphal arch which is the centrepiece of the Cinquantenaire.

For more of this weeks PhotoHunt pictures check out tnchick.

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From the top of the triumphal arch in Brussels the ground seems very low and the car underpass even lower still. The arch was erected in 1905 and is the centre piece of the Parc du Cinquantenaire  (Jubelpark), which is an urban park of 30 hectares. The park is home to three [...]

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