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After breakfast we went to the Cathedral to see if we could purchase a guide book because the shop did not open until later in the morning. When we got there the information desk was in the process of being set up ready for the day. Mr C didn’t want to linger so we took [...]

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…before the weather turned

This was yesterday evenings meal which we quickly assembled after a pre dinner visit to deliver a birthday gift. A perfect dish to enjoy on the patio before the sun went down.
The weather has now become cooler and rainy…

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Belly pork and black pudding accompanied by onion mash and red cabbage…
More about our visit to the ‘Haunch of Venison‘ can be found at the end of my ‘Salisbury Day Two‘ post.

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I was up early and ready to set off, but unfortunately Mr C was sluggish which meant we didn’t set off until 11.20am. After we had filled up with petrol and checked the car tyre pressures it was almost time for lunch.  I was driving so Mr C was tasked to think  of a suitable [...]

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This weeks prompt was:

So, what’s cooking? What meal do you start the day with? What ingredients do you lovingly assemble to create a nourishing meal? What holiday treats are you making or indulging in?
Maybe you’re NOT cooking, but admiring and enjoying a meal or treat made just for you?

I have not done any cooking worthy [...]

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