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In addition to the Wedding Gates and The Round Table there are other things of interest within The Great Hall.

The stained glass windows were made in 1875-80. The glass features the arms of famous people associated with Hampshire. The portraits show significant kings involved with the history of Hampshire.

The east wall features a nineteenth-century painting [...]

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The Westgate is one of only two surviving medieval gateways that were one an integral part of the city wall. The other gate being Kingsgate and the church of St Swithun which featured in a previous blog post.

Originally built in the 12th century and later remodelled, the west face was added in the 14th century [...]

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I invite you to read my post about the historic town of Mechelen on the Broad Oak Magazine blog.

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It is my turn at Vision & Verb today.  My post is about a project launched by the Imperial War Museum (IWM). It is a digital memorial to record the life of every person who served in uniform or worked on the home front during World War One.  An ancestor of mine is listed on the [...]

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Synopsis (From the English Heritage website):
‘Stonehenge, where stones of wonderful size have been erected after the manner of doorways … no one can conceive how such great stones have been so raised aloft, or why they were built there’From Henry of Huntingdon’s History of the English People, written in about 1130
Stonehenge [...]

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It is my turn at Vision & Verb today.  My post is about the Kazerne Dossin museum and military barracks which serve as a permanent history and memorial to the Jews who were held there awaiting deportation to Nazi concentration camps during WWII.  I invite you to join me there.

More photos of the museum and barracks [...]

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