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As I set off for my afternoon walk I wasn’t undecided on which way I would walk. Would my destination be Apley Woods, Leegomery Pools, Dothill Nature Reserve or maybe a route around Wellington. I opted for Leegomery Pools, my choice led to me to find a new pathway linking my previous walks together.
The Pools [...]

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The destination of my Friday walk was the Bowring Park in Wellington. I chose not to walk  shortest route so that I could enjoy some other features on my way. My walk took me past Wellington Cemetery.
After my walk around Bowring Park I found a pathway that lead me into the cemetery. The park was [...]

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I needed to pick up a few grocery items so I stepped out from my doorstep combining my trip to the shop with my daily walk.

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… for a five mile walk in and around Apley Woods.

Along the way a a friendly dog greeted me by raising a paw and leaving a paw print on my knee

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I stepped out of my door into brilliant sunshine for an afternoon walk. As I closed the door a few drops of rain started to fall even though the sky was mostly blue, they soon dried up. I chose a familiar route that I have not walked for a while with the potential to explore [...]

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