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In its desire to erase all traces of feudalism, the French Revolution systematically and seriously damaged the decor of the cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. In 1793, the twenty eight statues of the kings of Judah on the main facade were taken down and then sold to a builder as [...]

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The holding gallery can be found here.

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In all my visits to Paris over the years I have never seen Notre Dame without scaffolding. It is normally the building itself that is covered in scaffolding but this time as you can see it was in front of the building. A temporary structure is being built for the Cathedral’s anniversary celebrations [...]

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The day started off with a typically French breakfast which was a refreshing change to the chain hotels that try and cater for all tastes.  After breakfast we set off exploring in light drissle which continued for most of the day, but at least it wasn’t cold and we were mostly indoors.   Our first [...]

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