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Mr C woke up at 7.17, precisely two minutes after the alarm was due to go off! When we opened the curtains sunshine blazed through the windows and the Malvern hills were layered in soft mist. Breakfast was freshly cooked to order and lived up to our expectations.

We settled our bill and, before departing took [...]

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Just too late to see service during the Second World War, the Lincoln became the mainstay of Bomber Command post-war, but was destined for a short front line career as the Cold War and the jet age brought the shortcomings of its performance into sharp relief.
The RAF’s lack of an aircraft with sufficient range to [...]

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Today I am spending the day in Nottingham with my brother to celebrate his birthday and tomorrow is the long awaited Shutterchance meet up at Cosford Museum.  As a non shutterchancer I will be gatecrashing the meetup again

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This cottage has only three rooms and was once home to a family of nine.  Originally the cottage would have had an earth floor, this was subsequently bricked over and later tiled.  Where the cottage was originally situated, the nearest supply of fresh water was from a well that was half a mile away.

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I am not at all sure about ‘WANTED young girls for bottling and pickling’…

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For those who are interested in the technical details:

The Hay Inclined Plane connects the canal at Blists Hill with the canal at Coalport, lifting boats 63m using a combination of steam power and gravity. The inclined plane was opened in 1792 and remained in use until the end of the nineteenth century. It survives today [...]

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