Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.
Jeanne Moreau

Honey Making

21 Comments CherryPie on May 31st 2009

21 Responses to “Cherie’s Place – Thought for the Week”

  1. I love that quote Cherie!

  2. Sean Jeating says:

    I do absolutely agree with Bonaparte O’Coonassa alias Jams O’Donnell Esq..

  3. jmb says:

    True enough Cherie. Have a good week.

  4. Bengbeng says:

    a thought provoking quote

  5. jameshigham says:

    An oldie but a goody.

  6. I’ll have to think about the quote!

  7. jpt says:

    Nice flower – nice bee!

  8. jpt says:

    Nice quote too!!

  9. -eve- says:

    Almost the heart of a flower…. I was peering deep inside, trying to see if it was a bee or a special kind of flower :) Yes, good quote – I need to find a true love soon then, I think! :-)

  10. ubermouth says:

    I’ll rely on antioxidants. :)

  11. Paul says:

    Excellent pic! I have been trying to get a similar one the last month or so without any luck. Well Done!