My final post showing the journey of my weekend in York brings us nicely to the festive season.

The National Trust shop was stocked up with it’s Christmas goods. I made one small purchase… Keep Calm at Christmas ;-)

People act really weird at Christmas time!  What other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?


Ready for Christmas

20 Comments CherryPie on Dec 20th 2011

20 Responses to “Final Glimpse of York”

  1. Ha ha! I thought you went to Betty’s to stock up on some cakes? ;)

  2. When York is mention I think of New York City..
    Coffee is on.

  3. Claude says:

    Thank you for your magnificent presentation of York, Cherie. Warm wishes to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year. All the best, always. With all my heart!

  4. Mickie Brown says:

    Too funny, Cherie!! Have a lovely Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace, joy, and blessings. Mickie:)

  5. Ginnie says:

    LOL, Cherry, about the quote. So true. So true! I love the festive gift-ship window!

  6. Marcie says:

    I’m sorry to say good-bye to York..and especially to the Minster. And – I just love the quote….it made me laugh!!!

  7. Mats says:

    Funny quote! :)

    Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

  8. Claire says:

    I so enjoy your photos of York and others too
    laughable quote :)
    Have a great Christmas whatever you do.

  9. Twilight says:

    Your photographs have brought back some happy memories of York, CP.
    Thank you.
    Love the fun Christmas quote you’ve added. This one always makes me smile too – by
    Benny Hill:

    Roses are reddish
    Violets are bluish
    If it weren’t for Christmas
    We’d all be Jewish.

    All the best to you and yours for Christmas and New Year. :-)

    • CherryPie says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the photos and the memories. I really enjoyed my visit :-)

      I love that quote too :-)

      I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

  10. J_on_tour says:

    Great series. It always has been a popular and frequent destination for me over many years. Having said that, I’ve no idea where this image is taken. People do some funny things at Christmas, it’s unusual how traditions evolve over the years even in specific households.