I invite you to join me at Vision & Verb where I talk about the Museum of Torture that I visited whilst I was in Carcassonne.  It displayed the instruments of torture that were used in the middle ages.  The museum focused in detail on the Albigensian crusades and the Inquisition and left visitors with a chilling reminder that these things and worse still continue to this day.

Vision and Verb

6 Comments CherryPie on Jul 8th 2012

6 Responses to “The Inquisition”

  1. james higham says:

    Never knew you were into those things, Cherie. ;-)

  2. Bernard says:

    Our comments have just this minute crossed CherryPie.
    As I was just reading that they tortured ‘bad musicians’, :(
    You were reading about ‘kissing gates’. I know which I prefer :)
    I had better go and check that the organ pipes are properly tuned!
    I’ve got a few fete’s and rallies to go to soon.

    • CherryPie says:

      Yes I was thinking next time I burst into song I better be sure to sing in key!!

      I think a kissing gate and a nice woodland stroll on the other side is a much more appealing thought for a Sunday (or any other day for that matter). :-)

  3. Do you think we should bring back capital punishment?