After breakfast we set out for Durham in order to visit the cathedral and the Lindesfarne Gospels exhibition.  Unfortunately when we enquired at the visitor information centre about tickets to see the Gospels we were advised that the earliest time slot possible for that day was 7.30pm.  We didn’t fancy hanging around all day so we decided against it and chose to visit the castle instead.

When we arrived at the castle gates we were told that visits were by guided tour only and the last tour was in a few minutes due to a wedding being held there later that day.  The only snag was that tickets had to be purchased from the visitor information centre which is where we had just come from…  After some grumbling Mr C went back to purchase the tickets.  The castle tour was interesting and informative.  The hall and stairway reminded me of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films.

After the castle tour, we visited the cathedral and had lunch in the undercroft.  I also spent some time in the book section of the gift shop.

Durham Cathedral

We then made our way back to Newcastle where I went into M&S to quickly purchase a pair of trousers to replace the ones that had got soaked and muddy the previous day.  This was not to be.  The lengths looked different so I had to try them on.  The assistant reliably informed me that the lengths had been changed by what she called a ‘cuff length’!!  This means that M&S trousers no longer fit me as I am between lengths.

We returned to the hotel to freshen up before our evening meal.  The weather was fine and dry so we walked along the Quayside before settling on dining in Cafe Rouge.  After the meal we returned to the hotel for a cool glass of wine before retiring for the evening.

10 Comments CherryPie on Sep 18th 2013

10 Responses to “Newcastle & Crookham – Day Three”

  1. JD says:

    Don’t know about the hall/stairway in the castle but The Cloisters were used for the Harry Potter films.
    There is also in The Cloisters a small hole in one of the arches and the midsummer sun shines through it onto an arrow head etched into the pavement. In midwinter it shines onto an arrow head etched into the far wall. (Assuming we get any sunshine of course :) )
    Did you see it?
    Now you have an excuse to go back :)

    • CherryPie says:

      The Cloisters in the Cathedral were used as McGonagall’s classroom. The guidebook says it is not normally open to visitors. But on the day we visited it was open and some children’s activities were taking place there.

      On the day I commented that this had spoilt the tranquility of that space. But now I know it is not usually open for viewing I am glad I had a glimpse of that space.

  2. ubermouth says:

    Beautiful photography. When are ‘we’ going to Salisbury? :)

  3. Denise says:

    Fond memories of university days in Durham.

  4. J_on_tour says:

    Durham is a grand place & always in the first two options of where I take visitors to. Shame your day didn’t quite work out although the Castle tour is quite special … done that twice now. I went with a friend to see the Lindisfarne Gospels recently when I had a week off work, it was very interesting as they amassed a national collection of relevant books. Due to maintaining the temperature for the preservation of the gospels, it is colder inside the building that it is outside.

  5. What a 7.30pm time slot?
    Is it really that popular?! ;)