This morning I got up earlier than I usually would on a Saturday so that Mr C & I could help my mum order wallpaper from a local retail outlet. When Mr C returned mum to her house we picked up some heavy bench ends that were cluttering up her garden, but that is a story for another day ;-)

When we returned home I noticed (much to my annoyance) that the new tyre that had been causing me a problem was flat as a pancake. After Mr C removed the heavy bench ends from his car he went to look for the electric tyre pump which was nowhere to be seen. He improvised and blew up the tyre with a bicycle floor pump!

I phoned the garage where the tyres had been fitted to explain that I had a problem. Initially the after-sales lady suggested I take in on Monday. I wasn’t too keen on this idea and asked if someone could look at it today. It was agreed that I could take it in to be looked at straight away.

When I arrived at the garage I explained what the problem was and handed over the key. A short while later I was called to look at my tyre. There was a screw embedded in it in such a way that the tyre could not be repaired!!

I expressed my surprise that this could have happened within a few days of the new tyre being fitted. I went back to the waiting area whilst the after-sales lady went to check the price of a new tyre. When the after sales lady came back she advised me that I would only have to pay for the tyre at purchasing cost to them.

Whilst the tyre was being fitted I sat and watched people come and go, buying accessories, picking up a new car and listening to their conversations. It was an interesting hour or so ;-)
After the tyre had been fitted I returned back home and persuaded Mr C that I needed to take him out for lunch. I can confirm that the car now feels right (whilst driving) and I am happy with it again after all the recent dramas.

Lunch was delicious and relaxing ;-)

15 Comments CherryPie on Jul 18th 2015

15 Responses to “Flat as a Pancake”

  1. “I expressed my surprise that this could have happened within a few days of the new tyre being fitted”

    I suppose all days and all tyres are the same to a screw on the road. Would it not be more surprising if screws only become embedded in old tyres?


  2. Ayush says:

    i can imagine the hour at the garage would have been interesting, CP. good to know that things have stabilized now

  3. wiggia says:

    The curse of the modern tubeless tyre, years ago even with tubeless it would as long as the tyre had recieved no dmage except the puncture to fit an innertube to a tubeless tyre.
    I would imagine (unless things have changed ?) that this would still with many tyres be possible but it is far more profitable to sell another tyre.
    I did some time ago have a set of Uniroyal tyres fitted to a car that had a lifetime guarantee against such damage, haven’t seen anything like that lately !

    • CherryPie says:

      It was quite annoying to find that it was damaged so soon. Just two or three days after the tyre had been fitted I could tell something wasn’t right. The car felt a bit wallowy and it felt like the tracking was off. I asked Mr C if they had done the tracking when the fitted the tyres. He had picked the car up for me because the garage is near to where he works. I was going to phone up and ask when I noticed the tyre wasn’t right.

      The fact that it had gone flat on my day off made me wary of going too far afield or on fast roads which is why I stayed fairly local in my choice (Attingham Park) on that day.

  4. Bernard says:

    “How tiresome”.
    … to say nothing of annoying, inconvenient and expensive.
    I’m glad to hear that your meal was both delicious and relaxing. :-)

    • CherryPie says:

      It was very annoying to say the least, I was most unimpressed!!!

      But lunch made up for it as did the people watching whilst I was waiting for the tyre to be fitted :-)

  5. Alan says:

    It is frustrating when a new tyre ends up being written off by a screw. I had one of front tyres having its sidewall slashed by a rock when I was forced off a road in the Lake District by someone who did not know the width of their car. It only had 20 miles on it at the time.

  6. Alan says:

    …2000 miles.. not 20!

    • CherryPie says:

      I can imagine how frustrating that would be and perhaps a little scary… Some of the roads in the lake district are quite hairy at the best of times without a lunatic coming at you in the opposite direction!