Lunch at Tuckers

Later this year, in August my brother is getting married and my mum has been struggling to get just the right outfit. Mr C had offered a trip to Birmingham several times but she had resisted taking him up on the offer.  After struggling in the local towns and with internet shopping mum eventually accepted his offer. So today we headed off to Birmingham, timed to arrive for lunch before an afternoon of shopping.

When we arrived at our usual car park we made our way to the top level, which leads straight to the shopping area. We could see a couple of young men returning to their car, so we waited and drove into their space after they left. As Mr C got out of the car he noticed a wallet on the floor which contained a credit card and a recently purchased car park exit ticket. We waited a little while, and as expected the two young men eventually drove back to where they had parked their car and the driver was very much relieved to be reunited with his wallet.

We then headed into town for lunch, it was then that Mr C informed us that the Gay Pride March was taking place. As we walked into High Street we passed the Muslim stall, situated in its usual place, with the Gay Pride Parade lined up behind the stall and along High Street ready to process through the streets. Some of the antics that were going on made my 83 year old mother’s eyes roll…

Due to the crowds and a momentary doubt that the sandwich shop that Mr C had in mind might be closed, he suggested we eat in the Pavilions food court instead. I was not keen on the idea and reminded him of the alternative options that were near to the sandwich shop of choice. We made our way past the crowds (including a Christian Evangelist shouting at passers by) into a quiet area of Birmingham where we enjoyed a sandwich made to order in Tuckers, which despite Mr C’s momentary doubt, was very much open.

This set us up for an afternoon of shopping. After some deliberation… mum got a wedding outfit then found a hat and a bag to accompany it. Now all she needs is a jacket.

A couple of months ago without even looking I came across the perfect (for me) dress for a wedding. I ordered it off the internet to be delivered to my local store to try on for size and I liked. Then whilst out shopping with Mr C for clothes for him, the perfect handbag (for me) was just there on display as I walked past. I searched on the internet and found the perfect hat to match the dress and bag. I was able to try it on today and found it met my expectations ;-) After so many gifts without trying, the shoes were a bit more difficult to locate. I found a suitable pair eventually!

By this time we were all shopped out so we returned home. Mr C chose the scenic route to avoid the congested (holiday) motorway traffic.

Dinner for Two

We concluded our day by dining on the patio in the warm evening air as the sun went down :-)

Dinner on the Patio

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