Insect Hotel

Rooms to Let

14 Comments CherryPie on May 29th 2017

14 Responses to “Insect Hotel”

  1. Sackerson says:

    Lovely! Do they get on with each other?

  2. That I think is the best insect hotel I have ever seen – just wonderful :)

  3. James Higham says:

    False widows and other lovelies.

  4. Sean Jeating says:

    Now, that’s a hotel! I should call those in Seanhenge from now on rather hostel or inn. : )

  5. Ginnie says:

    I absolutely love these insect hotels! I think it would be fun to build one. I especially like the mini hotel at the bottom…like a wheel in the middle of a wheel. :)

  6. Ha ha… there are actually two mini hotels in this big hotel!

  7. Ayush says:

    that is a splendid idea, CP. I do not believe i heard or saw something like this before.