Mr C and I were up bright and early and before almost everyone else. We sat reading in the room that has been named The Library until everyone else was up and about. After a late breakfast of scotch pancakes, bacon, sausage and maple syrup, we said our goodbyes and set off towards Chichester. Taking a leisurely drive,  we stopped off in Rye for a cup of tea.

It was quite a jaunt from the car park to the town and when we arrived Mr C walked past all the tea shops to see if he could find one overlooking the water. He failed in his search and so settled for one that I was uncertain about. I didn’t say anything because after the long walk I was ready for a refreshing cold drink. We sat and waited for someone to come and take our order. We were still waiting 10 minutes later, as were several other people. Mr C asked if I thought we should leave to which I agreed.

I directed him to another tea shop which had caught my eye as we walked past. This was a far better choice and we were served immediately. The food looked delicious but we had only just had breakfast so we didn’t indulge.


Once back at the car we continued on our journey towards Chichester, detouring along the coast in order to find a suitable seafront place for lunch. We spotted a nice tea shop in Eastbourne and decided to stop there. However, we had a change of plan when Mr C suggested having fish for lunch. I looked at the menu and thought the idea was fun. Mr C chose battered fish whilst I elected to have fish bites with sea salt, herbs and tartar sauce. The man who served us said, semi jokingly, not to let the seagulls get it.

Seagull on a Mission

We made our way to the seafront and sat on a bench next to the gardens which were seagull free. I was just finishing my last piece of fish when I felt a tug on the piece of fish I was holding causing me to exclaim! I found myself eye to eye with a seagull that had swooped down silently with precision from behind me. As my hold on the tasty morsel was greater than his, he let go and sat a couple of feet away from me eyeing me up. I removed the end of the fish that he had grabbed and finished the rest as several of his mates lined up with him eying me up. Mr C threw the remaining morsel of fish in their direction causing the seagulls to dive for it.


Following this adventure we took a walk along the promenade where Mr C indulged in a Mr Whippy ice cream before we took a stroll along the pier. Whilst we were on the pier I noticed other seagulls trying to grab ice creams from unsuspecting people (unsuccessfully) by using the same silent dive-from-behind technique.

After returning to our car we continued along the coast road through Brighton, which was disappointing because a lot of the buildings were covered in scaffolding. The drive was taking a little longer than we liked so we headed inland to speed up the journey. Just as we were arriving near Chichester we received a call from the B&B wondering where we were as the paperwork they had been given advised that we would be arriving at 3pm when in fact we had notified that we would be arriving between 4-5pm.

No. 4 Canon Lane

The B&B is tucked away behind the Cathedral and it took a couple of circuits of Chichester to find it. On arrival we checked in and were shown to our room which was a delight with armchairs in the bay window overlooking the garden. Unfortunately the Cathedral was under wraps because of roof restorations. After we had unpacked and freshened up, we headed into town to find a suitable place to dine. It being Sunday many dining places weren’t open, limiting our options.

As we were considering a menu that was mostly burgers and steak, a man offered a couple of suggestions; Carluccios and Brasserie Blanc. He then gave us directions on how to get to them. We opted for Brasserie Blanc due to its varied menu options. After we had finished dining it was too soon to return to the B&B so we stopped off at a pub. At 10.30 the barman called last orders and promptly turned the lights on and the music off. It is a good job we hadn’t taken him up on his call for last orders, we wouldn’t have enjoyed it!! Instead of returning the glasses to the bar as we would normally do we left them on the table and decided not to return on another night.

16 Comments CherryPie on Jul 9th 2018

16 Responses to “Kent & Chichester – Day Three”

  1. The Yum List says:

    What a good looking doorway. I’d like to visit Kent onetime.

  2. Looks like a nice day to be out and about. I bet your library would be interesting. Some time could you share a few photos what your library look like.
    Coffee is on

  3. lisl says:

    A whole piece of battered fish was filched from me by a Gull in Ilfracombe. My companions on the same park bench didn’t even see it happen!

  4. Alan says:

    I think it is Aldeburgh in Suffolk that they are signs warming fo £1000 fine if caught feeding the seagulls. Mind you feeding them and accidentally dropping a piece of fish are moot points, I suppose.

  5. Astrid says:

    Nothing beats a view with such a pier. Great pictures and I am kind of surprised how “on the dot” the bartender is… give people some time. I know time is time, but last rounds means last rounds, not to open your esophagus (asked Ginnie for the word) and throw your drinks in……..

  6. Ayush Basu says:

    some nice shots CP, and it was quite bold of the seagulls, i thought. a whole bunch of them would be scary, i imagine.

  7. He he… That’s Conduit Hill in Rye :)
    I did Hastings, Rye, Winchelsea, Bexhill and Eastbourne last year.
    Had the best fish and chips in Hastings! :)

  8. ....peter says:

    there is a lot to see in this presentation Cherie… i like the narrow street with the pub….peter:)