Private Chapel

The foundation of this Chapel, the last part of the 15th Duke’s rebuilding of the Castle, was laid in 1894 and it was completed in 1898. It is a masterpiece of Victorian craftsmanship: the stone carving in particular is outstanding and was done by Rattee and Kett of Cambridge. The columns and the floor are of polished Purbeck marble from the Dorset quarry which was specially re-opened in the 1870’s when the Duke bought his marble. The stone bosses down the centre of the vaulted ceiling depict the life of Our Lady, to whom the Chapel is dedicated.

The finest feature of the Chapel is the stained glass which was supplied by John Hardman of Birmingham and made under the supervision of Dunstan Powell (Pugin’s son-in-law). The windows show scenes from the life of Our Lady, and the design of roundels is based on the early glass at Canterbury Cathedral.

The silver vases on the altar are by Charles Kandler and made for the 8th Duke in 1730; the candlesticks are Sheffield Plate, c.1790.

The Private Chapel was used daily for family and household morning and evening prayers in the early years of the 20th Century and Mass was celebrated here on Sundays and feast days until c.1960, when the shortage of priests compelled regular Mass here to cease. It is, however, still used for private family occasions, such as the christening of the Duke and Duchess’s children, and for Mass, and for Mass said for special groups of visitors.*

*From an information board next to the Chapel

Private Chapel

Private Chapel

Private Chapel

Private Chapel

4 Comments CherryPie on Feb 6th 2019

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  1. Hels says:

    I am in love! And must get myself to Arundel.

    My thesis was on French Huguenot silver art, mainly after the artists migrated to a new life in London etc. Kandler arrived in London from Dresden in 1727, and formed part of the very first generation of post-Huguenot goldsmiths. He was a bit more rococo, but the comparisons are inevitable. Particularly with Paul de Lamerie.

  2. The chapel is stunning – and it is good to know it is still used occasionally by the family.

    • CherryPie says:

      I would have loved to visit the chapel. Not for photographs but just to enjoy the place and ambience. I can dream :-)

      My photographs were taken from the gallery above. A viewpoint into a private place.

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