Etna Pre Breakfast View

The breakfast room was light and airy and the buffet spread was comprehensive, including some rather sweet looking choices that were not quite to my palate first thing in the morning. After breakfast we met with Sylvana, the Citalia rep. She told us about the various trips that were available and where to find things in Taormina. We decided not to choose there and then but consider the options, especially the different types of trip for visiting Etna.

Corso Umberto I

We headed into town enjoying the streets and shop displays before it got too busy with guided tours. We stopped for coffee before heading off to the municipal gardens. We got a bit off track and ended up by the Greek theatre which we decided to leave for another day. Instead we went in search of the main bus station so that we could check the timetables and see if the was a scheduled service to Syracuse. We failed to find the bus station although we passed by the cable car terminal.

Taormina Street

We headed back into town for lunch before setting off on another route to locate the bus station, again without success. Instead we located the correct path to the municipal gardens. The gardens were lovely, and, quiet after the hustle and bustle of the town.

Taormina Municipal Gardens

The weather was sunny and perfect as we enjoyed the garden but as we left there was an ominous rumble of thunder in the distance. On our way back to the hotel we stopped for a cool refreshing sorbet ice on a stick. Lemon flavour was the obvious choice for me.

Excelsior Palace Pool

Back at the hotel we decided that we would sit and read by the hotel pool although the idea was slightly delayed due to a short rain shower. Eventually we walked through the delightful hotel gardens to the pool area where the sun graced us with its presence once again. Later when we headed back to the hotel there was another lite sprinkling of rain with thunder and lightning in the distance.

Excelsior Palace Garden

Sunset view

I had in indulgent soak in the bath before heading out for dinner in restaurant Don Camillo. I had freshly cooked fish with potato and onion salad whilst Mr C had stuffed squid. We both had cannoli for dessert although they were filled with custard cream rather than ricotta cheese.

Excelsior Palace

After dining we returned to the hotel terrace for a nightcap accompanied by live music. A fortieth birthday party was taking place; this should have been on the terrace but the earlier rain meant that the celebrations had moved indoors to the conservatory area.

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16 Responses to “Taormina – Day Three”

  1. Ayush says:

    it does occur that day plans hinge on one thing happening right after another, missing one link therefore might affect the subsequent activities. i liked the garden shots.

  2. Those stairs would be good for me and sure some pretty looking plants.
    Coffee is on

  3. lisl says:

    Searching for that bus station ensured you had a good explore of the town, Cherie

  4. ....peter says:

    hi Cherie i got into this page through with some kind of luck…
    whatt a beautiful collection of your day and evening in Taormina…

    thank you for all of your comments this week and last week as well… it is so nice that you remember me….peter:)

    • CherryPie says:

      Of course I remember you :-) I have been busy recently so I have been a slow with posts on my blog and even slower commenting on blogs that I love to read.

      I didn’t realise there was a problem with my blog link…

  5. Italian coffee is too strong for me. Ha…
    Might not be able to sleep at night.
    I’m a tea person. ;)

  6. shabana says:

    such a beautiful city
    but the way you capture it is so sublime

  7. It looks a lovely town and I particularly like the gardens. Great photos.

  8. shabana says:

    looks like rain was often during your visit Cheri ,i love rain though i know where you belong it is much more than we have here still i am glad you got sun light to soothen your soul as well
    images are splendid!