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This building displayed a gallery mapping out the street facades as paintings. I would have liked to have gone inside and take a look around but time was limited so I was only able to take a quick peep through the doorway.

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Kirs… A Fairy Among fairies….

Dani created this picture from a portrait that I took of myself (the sub title is hers).
It is interesting that many people over the years I have called me a faerie…
For more of this weeks PhotoHunt pictures check out Whistlestop PhotoHunt.

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For my recent visit to London the original plan was to visit St Paul’s cathedral. The last time I visited the cathedral was on a school trip so you can guess how long ago that was… However, after the plan was made protesters took up residence just outside the cathedral so a plan [...]

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Last Saturday I went on a day trip to London (more about the day soon).  At this time of year it is a must to go and see the Christmas decorations in the windows at Selfridges.  This year the theme seemed to be white and the windows didn’t grab my attention.  Until I came to [...]

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A fascinating painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger has just come up for sale.  The National Trust and the Art Fund are campaigning to purchase the picture which dates back to 1602.
The painting shows Christ being taken to Calvary.  If you look closely at the image you can see a conflict of eras which is [...]

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