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I met with a friend for lunch in Attingham Park. Lunch was followed by a leisurely stroll around the walled garden, woodland and deer park. By the time we left Attingham I had reached my target of 10000 steps for the walking challenge that I am taking part in.

Following my planned walk in Attingham Park [...]

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Some of you might remember that the last time I visited Attingham Park I saw the herd of deer being fed for the last time this winter. Here is a little video them in full action rushing around. I have been rushing around as much as they have today on more of my [...]

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After all that hard work and campaigning it is really time for a rest.  But work was manic today with a special task taking priority over routine work which means everything is piling up!  Then on Friday I have a meeting in Clapham to look at the motions that will be put up for our [...]

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Apparently there has been a daily feeding of the deer at Attingham Park recently.  I didn’t notice this activity when I visited last weekend, I did however still get to see the deer close up.

Click here to view a larger version.
For more of this weeks PhotoHunt pictures check out tnchick.

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