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…or The Kirk of Our Lady of the Steill

The parish of Ladykirk lies along the northern bank of the River Tweed, which separates Scotland from England, and is about half-way between Coldstream and Berwick. Norham Castle – the stronghold for the north of England – stands just across the river, whilst Haildon Hill and [...]

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The true knowledge of music is nothing other than this: to know the ordering of all separate things and how the Divine Reason has distributed them; for this ordering of all separate things into one, achieved by skillful reason, makes the sweetest and truest harmony with the Divine Song.
Hermes Trismegitus

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When you lay out all possible pathways, no matter how ridiculous or counter intuitive they may seem, and sort the multitude of data, events, and actions upon their appropriate piles, a new reality may emerge to compete against your own bias. It is your ability to believe and amend your belief system, which separates you [...]

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It is my turn at Vision & Verb and today I am talking about the The Battle of Flodden and my recent visit to the site where that tragic event took place.  My visit coincided with the 500th anniversary of the battle.

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Over breakfast we decided that we would venture across the border into Scotland to visit Traquair House which had been recommended to us by the guests we had been chatting with in the lounge the previous evening. As we left the breakfast room Toby then Leona followed us out into the porch.  They had mentioned [...]

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Which would you choose?

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