Grand Entrance

In the busy run up to Christmas I was able to find a brief time slot that allowed me to visit Attingham Park for lunch and to see the house decked out for Christmas through the ages. Each room had a different feel and different styles of Christmas decorations and trees.

As in previous years one of the trees was for ‘wishes’. On a table near to the tree there were pieces of paper intended for people to write their own seasonal wishes. After writing down a wish the piece of paper was folded up into an origami shape and added to the tree. Due to my visit being just a few days before Christmas the tree was overflowing with wishes.  It was lovely to see children queuing around the table eager to write and add their wishes to the tree.

Tree of Wishes

Seasonal Wishes

During my visit to Attingham I was able to find out the latest progress on the picture gallery roof restoration project. During this project most of the pictures that normally hang in the picture gallery have been removed for storage while the work is undertaken. A few pictures have been placed at ground level next to the scaffolding for closer inspection.

One of the paintings is of Queen Charlotte wife of George III. We were told by one of the room guides that the painting had attracted a lot of attention from art experts due to Charlotte appearing to age with her hair changing colour when the painting was viewed from different angles. Some of the art experts thought the artist had deliberately painted her that way. Now that the painting is at ground level it can be seen that no special technique had been used and the effect was just a trick of light due to where the painting had been placed on the wall.

Above the Staircase to the Picture Gallery

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Boxing Day

Here We are Again

Today our visitors turned up late and one less than expected. It was a good job Mr C had factored lateness into his cooking schedule. As we were enjoying our dinner the snow began to fall…

Due to eating lunch late our visitors were too full when it was time for tea. We sent them home with the surplus food, some of which had been bought for special dietary requirements.

I am now enjoying a bit of quiet time after a hectic couple of days.

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Nativity Scene

Set for Dinner

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Happy Christmas

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Christmas is the day that holds all time together.

Alexander Smith

A Touch of Magic

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Memorial to Bishop Samuel Wilberforce

The tomb of Bishop Wilberforce is situated in the South Transept of Winchester Cathedral and dates to 1878. It is the work of H.H. Armstead (sculptor, 1828-1905) and Sir George Scott (architect 1811-1878).

From The Victorian Web:

The third son of the famous abolitionist, Bishop Wilberforce had served as Archdeacon of Surrey and Dean of Westminster before becoming Lord Bishop of Oxford (1845-1869), and after that, from late 1869, Bishop of Winchester. He had also been Chaplain to Prince Albert, Lord High Almoner of the Royal Household (Wilberforce 320), and an important promoter of Anglican sisterhoods. Renowned as a speaker and for his anti-Darwinism, he was very much a national figure. His tendency to be unctuous earned him the nickname “Soapy Sam,” but he has been more respectfully designated “Remodeller of the Episcopate” (Mee 12).

Memorial to Bishop Samuel Wilberforce

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Guardian Angels Chapel

The chapel takes its name from the beautiful heads of angels which decorate the vault. They were painted in around 1240 by Master William, the King’s Painter, and restored 1959-60.

Guardian Angels Chapel

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