Happy Anniversary

I didn’t have the best nights sleep due to the room being cold and Mr C turning the heating off because the room was airless and dry leaving me to be too warm if I wrapped myself up in the duvet and too cold if I didn’t.

The service at breakfast was just as chaotic as had been during our previous night’s evening meal. My breakfast was delicious I chose pancakes fruit and honey. Mr C was not quite so pleased with his, he asked for full cooked breakfast minus the beans, it arrived with beans and without black pudding. In addition to that the bacon was streaky rather than back bacon, not something  usually served up for breakfast. We were also served a one person teapot between the two of us which was not a problem we just asked for another pot when it was empty. On pouring the tea from the replacement pot we realised that it was the same pot topped up with water. As there was only one teabag in the pot the resulting liquid looked like dishwater and was undrinkable.

Worcestershire City Council

As rain was forecast, we headed off to Worcester and some indoor activities. Our first port of call was the City Museum and Art Gallery which houses the Worcestershire Yeomanry display which was of particular interest to Mr C. I was slightly ahead of Mr C when the curator came to talk to me and asked me what I was interested in at which point Mr C joined us. We were treated to an impromptu individual tour of the displays. The curator showed us things we might not have noticed and shared lots of interesting information with us.

Worcester Cathedral

After the tour we headed to Worcester Cathedral. As we arrived, the Cathedral was buzzing with noise. We realized that several local schools were meeting there and engaging in a pilgrimage. We made our way to the Cathedral’s cafe for lunch where I had a ham and apple pickle toastie which was delicious. After lunch we made our way around the Cathedral, dodging the ‘pilgrim’ children until they left for the day. Once they had left the Cathedral became quite tranquil.

On our way back to Colwall we stopped off at the shopping village we had tried to visit the previous day only to find it slightly disappointing for some reason.  The cake in its cafe was delicious though!

A Fishy Delight

For our anniversary meal we had booked into L’amuse-Bouche which is the restaurant for the Cotford Hotel. We were welcomed as we arrived and directed to the lounge where we enjoyed an aperitif  and nibbles whilst deciding on our menu choices. I opted for haddock, crayfish and asparagus on a bed of crushed jersey new potato. To start the meal we were brought an Amuse-Bouche which was a dainty morsel of Evesham Asparagus soup. The service, food and attention to detail was exceptional. So much so that we booked a table for our last night of our holiday.

After the meal we returned to Colwall for a nightcap in the bar before retiring to bed for the evening.

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Witley Court Tea Room

We set off on our journey a little later than intended and stopped off a cup of tea in a local farm shop before continuing on our journey. The SatNav took us on a completely different route (via Kidderminster and not through the Herefordshire countryside) than it did on our previous visit to Colwall.

This enabled us to stop for lunch at the tea shop next to Witley Court. We both had the pea and celery soup which was delicious.

Colwall Park

After lunch we continued on our way to Colwall hoping to stop at the shopping village we had enjoyed last time we were in the area.  Due to the SatNav choosing a different route we missed it completely so we tried to recall where it was from memory. After 45 minutes of fruitless searching we had almost given up hope when we saw it signposted. We arrived only to find that it is closed on Mondays!

By this time it was checking in time so we retraced our steps to the hotel, checked in and had a cup of tea in the hotel bar area, but sadly not the cake that we had hoped for if we  had been able to visit the shopping village.

Colwall Park

Colwall Park

Colwall Park

The barman came over to us because he recognised us and was wondering if we had stayed at the hotel before. We said we had and he wondered why we had come back. I told him we liked the hotel, we liked the area and that we were there for our Wedding Anniversary. He then arranged a complimentary bottle of Prosecco for us, it would have been rude to refuse. We sat drinking the Prosecco and chatting to other customers before returning to our room to unpack and get dressed for dinner.

The service in the restaurant was a little quirky as it  had been occasionally  during our previous visit.

Colwall Park

When we got back to the room I noticed that the book with useful hints, tips, emergency numbers and most importantly the time breakfast was served had vanished from the dressing table! Mr C went down to reception to enquire about breakfast times mentioning that the book had gone. He was informed that the books were being  updated with more up to date and better information.

The room itself was a little chilly due to the weather being more like autumn than June so we had to use the plug in heaters that we found located in the wardrobe.

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There has never been a time when you and I have not existed, nor will there be a time when you cease to exist. Nor will there be a time when we will cease to exist. As the same person inhabits the body through childhood, youth, and old age, so too at the time of death he attains another body.

The Bhagavad Gita

A Gift From Heaven

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A Room with a View

A Rainy View

I have just returned from a few days away. The weather was mostly kind to us :-)

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And The Word Was Made Flesh

John 1:14

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

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St Michael and All Angels Church

Built in the mid 14th century, St Michael and All Angel’ church, situated next to Croft Castle is a Grade 2 listed building. Some of the features we see today are later additions to the church building.

Croft Castle

St Michael and All Angels Church

St Michael and All Angels Church

Garden of Remebrance

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Croft Castle

Croft Castle

Croft Castle

Croft Castle

Croft Castle

Croft Castle

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