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Cod Cheeks

When I was eating out earlier this week I noticed that one of the starters was Cod Cheeks which I had never heard of before.  On investigation I found that the meat comes from underneath the eye-socket of a Cod and that it is a great delicacy.  A good article with more information can be found here.

I didn’t have a starter and I had a fairly healthy main course ‘Char Grilled Chicken with Caesar salad’.  I was however tempted to lemon tart with raspberry sorbet and raspberries.  It was all very tasty ;-)

Char Grilled Chicken

16 Comments CherryPie on Jul 8th 2011

16 Responses to “Cod Cheeks”

  1. MTG says:

    You learn something new every day, CP. And I will make sure exactly what is going in the pot the next time I ask for cod tail. :)

  2. Never seen cod cheeks offered before. I’m sure there’s not much in the line of calories in them… Next time maybe?

  3. this looks so delicious

  4. Chrissy says:

    That looks really lovely Cherie…was it local? I could go for that. Very quietly I have spent a few hours catching up. I am loving all the images and was so glad of the turn out against “terms and conditions”. I couldn’t comment on the post, I get so annoyed at the odd few that think because they have had a bad time, “everyone” should have a bad time. Why are people like that? I have a huge story about that…one day perhaps it will become a blog post ! Meanwhile, some fabulous photo’s. I have enjoyed them all very much :D

    • CherryPie says:

      Thanks Chrissy it was a fantastic day with the other unions joining us in support. There was another rally in Shrewsbury but I am not sure how that one went. I get annoyed at some of the comments too, it amazes me that supposed intelligent people miss the point.

      I am glad you enjoyed the photographs :-) The restaurant is in Shrewsbury near the Abbey. It is call The Peach Tree, you can see the menu in the link below.

      • Chrissy says:

        Ah yes, I missed the tags. I went to the Peach Tree recently and it was lovely. Although I notice you don’t mention the chips ~ which I didn’t order of course but I did enjoy someone elses, haha.

  5. Joelaindien says:

    it looks very nice!

  6. Bernard says:

    Made it!
    I haven’t been able to leave comments on several blogs recently.
    Annoying isn’t it. I couldn’t even load your page the other day.
    Still – it is free I suppose and “you don’t get much for nowt!”
    That does look very tasty. :)
    But……….why did you tag it with ‘Weight Loss” & “Weight Watchers”?
    Guilty conscience perhaps? :o

    • CherryPie says:

      My site was down for a few hours so that is probably why you couldn’t get on mine. If they are blogger blogs you can’t comment on, I think I have read somewhere that if you log out of blogger you should be able to comment. And yes these little hiccups are annoying!

      It was extremely tasty. I use the tags because I was choosing a healthy option. But I did spoil it a bit with the desert ;-)

  7. Denise says:

    I am hungry now!!!!!