… to sit on the patio enjoying the early evening sun before dinner.

Relaxing on the Patio

As part of the garden project the front of the house has also been tackled. The small island border has been removed and re-turfed. The euonymus has been relocated to the back garden and the daffodil bulbs are temporarily in a pot. I like the new look :-)

Clean lines

Whilst working on the front garden I noticed that we had a new neighbour. For a few weeks I had seen him flying around with two companions and was surprised to see that he had taken up temporary residence in what looks like a very uncomfortable position!

A New Neighbour

A New Neighbour

6 Comments CherryPie on May 4th 2016

6 Responses to “A Perfect Evening…”

  1. rusty duck says:

    But what a good view he has..

  2. james higham says:

    Fitting place for a duck.

  3. Ha ha I use Fairy washing up liquid, but my glasses are never that sparkling!

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