Morning View

This was the third day in a row that we had to plan breakfast around a meeting with the tour rep. We decided to go in for breakfast and Mr C slipped out to pay for the trips. In the end he only paid for the Etna trip as there was still doubt surrounding the Aeolian Islands trip.

Isola Bella

After the meeting and breakfast, we headed into town and caught the cable car down to Isola Bella Bay where we took our life in our hands walking along the narrow roads, dodging the cars. Our walk was interrupted by a sprinkling of rain so we took the cable car back to Taormina where we had lunch overlooking the Cathedral square.

Sicilian Cart

Palazzo Dei Duchi Di Santo Stefano

We visited the Sicilian Cart Museum then briefly returned to the hotel before visiting Palazzo Dei Duchi Di Santo Stefano which is a Norman structure situated near to Porta Catania. The interior of the building is used by the G. Mazulla foundation. The works of this artist are displayed in the palace and the gardens.

Afternoon Refreshments

We next enjoyed a refreshing drink overlooking Piazza Duomo, soaking up the atmosphere in the Italian sunshine. Some things just have to be done.

Sunset over Etna

Whilst we were back at the hotel getting ready for our evening meal the wind got up and we heard a loud crash. Initially we thought something had blown over until it dawned on us that it sounded like a motor accident; several roads are just below the hotel. I looked out of the window and saw people looking over the wall and photographing/videoing the scene below, which I found upsetting. However once again I was able to watch the sunset over Etna.

Moonrise over Etna

Later, as we walked to Trattoria Tiramiso Taormina for dinner, we saw the remains of the accident which was still being attended by the emergency services. I was left hoping that no one was seriously hurt. Whilst dining we got chatting to two Americans who were sharing their holiday experiences with us. Also whilst we were dining the tour rep texted to advise that despite the bad weather the Aeolian Islands trip would go ahead, but by now we had gone off the idea and didn’t want another interrupted breakfast…

14 Comments CherryPie on Oct 23rd 2019

14 Responses to “Taormina – Day Five”

  1. lisl says:

    A mixed day then, Cherie, but it provided some super pictures

  2. Double rainbow!? Lucky you!
    Haven’t seen blue sky for a long time…
    Been raining all day here.

  3. Ayush says:

    i like how you put it “Some things just have to be done”. i loved the lavender tones in the sky. another nice post

  4. CrashRyan says:

    wow! Isola Bella Bay looks awesome

  5. Beautiful photos and it looks as though you had a lovely day. What a shame about the accident – I do hope no-one was hurt badly.

  6. shabana says:

    Italy is worth visiting indeed dear Cheri at least once in a life :)

    taormina is gorgeous town i can see this your images ,rainbow is so lovely
    i was horrified when you mentioned about blast below your balcony
    hope all was fine with people who had the accident

    • CherryPie says:

      I loved the ever changing view of Etna puffing out her ashes, the sunset behind her, the moon rising above her and the fabulous rainbow. God imprinted his vistas on my soul :-)

      I too was distressed about the accident that occurred. I am not sure how it happened, it was in an area were where the driving speed should have been slow..