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This is a picture on 18th century glass painted by Thomas Jervais.
This panel was restored in 2000:

The glass panel had been broken in many places an repaired with lead over the last century which was not sympathetic to the original construction. The panel was restored for the National Trust in 200 by Alfred Fisher.
The painting [...]

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Thinking doesn’t pay.  Just makes you discontented with what you see around you.
Robert A. Heinlein

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The glasshouses are Victorian, one contains two surviving Black Hamburg vines and the others are used to store house-plants and more tender bedding plants.

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The guidebook provides the following information:

the old stable block, which is listed in Edward Ferrers’s  ‘Account of what I have built and altered in and about Baddesley house’ as costing £76 17s 7d in 1714. Some of the arched entrances were bricked up to allow the interior to be fitted out with Victorian loose-boxes.

The [...]

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During the nineteenth century a priest would have used the space in front of this icon to robe and prepare before saying mass in the chapel which is situated next door to the sacristy.
This part of the room also housed a garde-robe (in the place of the current trap-door). This became the escape route [...]

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