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A friend suggested that we get together to visit Tewkesbury Medieval Fair which commemorates the Battle of Tewkesbury with re-enactments of the battle that took place there in 1471. Because different activities were taking place on the two days of the festival. Mr C and I decided to turn it into a mini break, meeting [...]

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Our cooked-to-order breakfast was excellent, setting us up for the day. Our destination was Eastnor Castle which opened at 10.30. We reached the Castle well before then so we went on a magical mystery tour around the local countryside until the Castle was open. At one point we encountered silly partridges (approximately 12) running around [...]

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We checked out of the Wykeham Arms after breakfast and set off to Tewkesbury where we had a cup of tea before visiting the Abbey.

As we entered the Abbey we were welcomed by a minister. The Abbey has a lovely warm feeling and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. One corner of the Abbey [...]

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