Pretty in Pink

The inspiration for my ‘100 Reasons to be Glad’ series of photos can be found on ‘100 photos 1 ::‘.  I intended to post them all in 2010 but the project slipped and it took me two years in the end.  There were some reasons I would have liked to include but didn’t get chance to take photographs of the themes, examples of these are Red pandas, String Quartets and Maya Gold Chocolate.

The full list can be found below or you can browse through the photographs without the distraction of accompanying words on the blog 100 photos.

I do have another ‘100 photos project’ lined up for this year which I will be starting soon.

13 Comments CherryPie on Jan 2nd 2012

13 Responses to “100 Reasons to be Glad”

  1. liz says:

    And all great reasons.

  2. Mats says:

    Great list! :)

    Wonderful photo.

  3. Andrew says:

    Ah… You have given me an idea. My “100 reasons to be bleedin’ miserable” series will be starting soon…

    Only joking (I hope).

    • CherryPie says:

      Actually that series would be quite fun ;-) I guess thinking it fun probably spoils the whole premise ;-)

      • Andrew says:

        Many things could be in both series, just depending on context and attitude. For example:

        Reasons to be bleedin’ miserable No. 1: Morning

        Reasons to be glad No. 1: Morning

        Ditto No. 2: Family
        No. 3: Weather
        No. 4: Friends
        No. 5: Job
        No. 6: Se………… Ach no, I will venture no further into what may bring both misery and gladness… to all or some concerned :)

        I suppose the moral of the thinking is something I tend to say a lot: “It’s not the situation that matters, it’s the attitude you take to the situation.”

        Which gives me No. 8: Philosophy

        • Andrew says:

          Yes, I notice I missed out No. 7. I think it was… “Forgetfulness”

          • CherryPie says:

            It is as you say the attitude to the situation.

            I would love to see your full 100 ;-)

            Philosophy – Yes! but I am not sure how I could photograph that…

            I didn’t notice you had missed number 7, which perhaps means I am unobservant?…

  4. What a lovely cosmos!
    But I think my tropical flowers are somehow more exotic. Ha ha… ;)

  5. I’ve been away from your blog too long!

    I have one simple reason to be glad. I am alive!